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Gas Power Generation in Nigeria

At RPE we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within gas power generation in Nigeria to help our clients achieve the right balance between power plant performance and environmental sustainability. Whether it’s a small, integrated system or a heavy-duty power plant, a purely gas-fired simple cycle or a combined cycle power plant, RPE collaborates closely with our clients to find and construct a solution tailored specifically for our clients’ requirements.

Gas Power Generation in Nigeia

Why use gas power generation in Nigeria?

Energy generation trends have been changing across the world and its all for the sustainable development that is growing around the world. The trends in power have changed from engines being run using fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, diesel to renewable energy sources such as solar power, gas power generation.

These switchings have been done to avoid global warming and to ensure sustainable growth of the country. Natural resources such as coal, petrol, and diesel are limited resources and require a lot of time to renew hence to give these resources time to renew themselves we have come up with various other solutions such as Gas power generation in Nigeria. Which will help us get electricity for our offices without any interruption.

Gas power generation helps to perfectly balance the power plant efficiency and the natural sustainability, hence becoming a really efficient way for the generation of electricity. The gas power is generated by burning the natural gases and hence extracting the energy from it and generating electricity. Gas is a clean and green method of power generation.

Our portfolio includes industry-leading gas and steam turbines, generators, heat recovery steam generators, condensers, and other plant equipment. Clients trust RPE to deliver services to optimize their assets, improve their competitive position and increase their long-term business success.


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