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RPE supplies transformers that are made of international standards of quality and safety for Industrial and commercial set up with the latest technology available. Our transformers are totally maintenance free and safe from fire as we use metals, ceramics and fibreglass that are completely environment friendly. RPE transformers are suitable not just for indoor installations but also populated and explosive outdoors. One of the important features of our transformer is its durability and capability to withstand any situation. It is more efficient and can be kept near heavy loads. We offer Oil cooled on load tap changer (OLTC) transformers that have a capacity upto 150000KVA to the Dry type transformer that offers a capacity upto 250000KVA.
automatic voltage stabilizers RPE

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

RPE offers you the best power back-up solutions for your loved appliances by giving them the protection they need from fluctuating voltages and surges. It has a microprocessor based system that clearly gives you details. It is built completely on a metal body with a high efficient transformer for less heating. RPE stabilizers provides full support in terms of low and high cut power and also high performance and reliability. It also has a separate MCB for bypassing the unit if required, which shows its versatility. Besides its technological aspects of the voltage stabilizer, it can be installed easily anywhere.


RPE provides comprehensive range of Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) using high quality components that is sourced from reliable industries. The main function of the AVR is to filter the fluctuation before feeding it to the transformer. These HT-Automatic Voltage Regulators is used extension in industries and chimerical arena for achieving a stable input voltage. The regulator utilizes an engine driven variable transformer bolstering the essential twisting of a line transformer, for giving burden safe voltage at the output. Its low on maintenance and saves around 5% to 10% on energy consumption. RPE’s AVR can be installed both indoors and outdoors and are mainly used for a steady output voltage instead of fluctuations of the input voltage.
AVR Provider RPE

Capacitor Panels

RPE is one of the leading supplier of capacitors that are highly reliable and efficiently made from quality components to provide durability, safety and long life to the panels. It is designed and developed with auto-manual options. The capacitor panels are powder coated for preventing corrosion and thus lengthening the life of the panel. RPE electric panels are accustomed according to the needs of the clients. The capacitor panels are tested by professionals for reliable and correct performance. It provides voltage stability thereby providing electric current for uninterrupted and free flow power supply.

LT/HT Panels

LT Panel is an electrical distribution board that receives power from a generator or transformer and distributes it to various electronic devices and distribution boards. These panels are used in industries for internal and external use and therefore they are quite strong to withstand different climatic conditions. RPE procures LT panels that are efficiently designed to work with low electricity consumption that makes it cost effective. Our products are sought for their high performance, low maintenance, reliable performance, easy to install and safety features. RPE LT panels are prepared from circuit breakers or switch fuse on HT side, which protects the equipment from sudden voltage fluctuations.