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AC Surge Protection

The Surge Protection Device (SPD) is a segment of the electrical establishment insurance framework. AC Surge Protection is intended to restrain transient over-voltages of barometrical source and redirect current waves to earth, in order to restrict the abundance of this over-voltage to an esteem that isn’t perilous for the electrical establishment and electric switchgear and control-gear. It builds stack conveying ability in existing circuits. It enhances voltage. It decreases control framework misfortunes. It decreases request and request charges . Brings down request on the power network/generator and can represent many huge amounts of carbon decrease guaranteeing diminished carbon impression.
AC Surges RPE
DC Surge RPE

DC Surge Protection

RPE provides DC Power surge to protect power systems from damage due to lightning, transients and power surges. It is an inexpensive way to protect your gear against random power spike damage that can cause a complete breakage to the device. These protective devices integrate discrete circuit protection devices into an assembly or system that provides an enhanced level of functionality and protection.

Data Line Surge Protection

RPE data line protection modules are equipped to give you the best protection with improved frequency response for indoor and outdoor that is also weather resistance. This arrangement is usually used at destinations where equipment protection should dependably be available always, and where the “one size fits all” protection isn’t ideal. It comprises of a hardwired motherboard which utilises our efficient protection modules where a broad range of applications are covered. The modules are offered with several different protection circuits to effectively protect the critical equipment. RPE data line protectors can be easily installed and worked upon with certified serial protection to protect line from any external damages.
Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection

RPE accouters protection systems for commercial, residential and industrial structures across Nigeria. Our lightning protection systems are designed to meet any exterior problems that could affect systems. We provide ground grid installations as well as ground resistance testing. We at RPE are dedicated to providing protection solutions to prevent equipment damage caused by direct lightning strikes, surges and other electrical disturbances on power and data signalling lines. Such problems can contribute or directly cause the failure of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

Earthing Solutions

At RPE, we supply the ideal nature of Earthing Systems. We are known for high conductivity and the offered earthing frameworks are utilised to release broken current immediately. The earthing systems we procure are make of progressive technology and precision-engineered manufacturing processes. It provides service for assembling, trading, supply, marketing and installation.