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Electrical Panels

RPE Electrical panels are made using high quality steel and is completely built using an air insulated metal. It has various compartments and has a compact design. Our electrical panels are made highly durable and easily accessible. Its buttons, controls and meters are kept at a convenient height. It is extensible on both the sides. We provide you the best electrical panels in the country.

APFC Panels Power Monitoring Solutions

RPE provides superior range of APFC Panels that have high efficiency, longer durability, low maintenance and is absolutely costumer friendly. Our products increases the availability of power and has uninterrupted operation of system loads even during power shortages.

Transformers Services

RPE supplies transformers that are made of international standards of quality and safety for industrial and commercial set up with the latest technology available. Our transformers are totally maintenance free and safe from fire as we use metals, ceramics and fibreglass that are completely environment friendly. RPE transformers are suitable not just for indoor installations but also populated and explosive outdoors. One of the important features of our transformer is its durability and capability to withstand any situation.

Compact Substation

RPE substations are used for loading power from a high voltage circuit to a low voltage circuit in places like construction sites and other places where electricity is used. Our substations are compact in size and can be moved around different locations easily. The substation is mounted on wheels thereby making it easy for transportation. It is easy to operate, safe and is low on maintenance. RPE substations are customised according to the needs of the customers and is suitable for all weather conditions. Our compartments consist of Ring Main Unit, Vacuum Circuit breaker, Load Break Switches, Oil Cooled Transformer VPI dry type, Low Losses Design, Tap Changer and Fuses.

Cables, Conductors & Power Network Equipment

RPE are leading dealers of composite cables in Nigeria specially designed to meet customer requirements irrespective of the application. They can resist the most demanding electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. Aluminium conductors are used as power transmission and distribution lines. All aluminium conductors are made up of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the specific application. These exposed aluminium transmitters are made for use in every single down to earth traverse on wood posts, transmission towers, and different structures.