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RPE Office Goes 100% Green

Royal Power and Energy (RPE) a leading power solution provider offers a wide range of solar solutions for corporate, industrial and commercial enterprises.

RPELTD Roof Top Solar

Nigeria being a tropical nation receives sunlight throughout the year. The fact is, Nigeria faces shortage of power as the demand of power is much higher than what is being generated. Keeping aside the issues with the supply, there are also issues with the voltage at which the power is generated. A complete overview states that there are difficulties which Nigeria faces when it comes to the power being provided.

Not too long ago, electricity worked as a one-way street—utilities produced energy and people consumed it. Solar energy has changed that model, enabling people who install solar panels on their rooftops to consume the energy generated.

Recently, RPE has commissioned a 30kVA Solar power solution, with panels on the rooftop to power its entire office and additionally incorporated energy efficiency and power demand reduction measures in their office. The solar panels are a onetime investment and has provided an overall reduction in electricity and diesel cost. Since moving the office to being 100% solar powered and energy efficient, the RPE office has had an uninterrupted power supply which directly has eliminated the dependence on public utility (Grid Power) and fossil fuels (DG sets).

As sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important components of RPE’s culture and values, the company is already actively participating in the development of renewable energies, especially solar. With operations spanning storage solutions, maintenance services and marketing to corporate enterprises, RPE are fast-tracking the deployment of solar technology. From start to finish, the, “going solar” process is powered by RPE.

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