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UPS Batteries Maintenance in Nigeria

RPE provides ups batteries maintenance in Nigeria. UPS are the common sources of constant power in Nigeria. The UPS contains batteries which are charged when there is an electric supply and provide back up when there has been an electric blackout or power shortage. These batteries need maintenance for a longer life.

It’s a proven fact that the most vulnerable part of a UPS is their batteries. UPS is typically the heart of every electrical power path to business-critical loads, thus making UPS Maintenance a necessity. To ensure peak performance and reliability of your equipment and to your expectations, RPE provides a complete inspection of all the ups batteries.

Our ups batteries maintenance in Nigeria is known for the highly qualified internal staff and field engineers who get your work done with extreme perfection. We have well-tailored methods for each of our clients depending on their power needs to what level of maintenance they need.

Our maintenance strategies include visual inspection of inverters, Voltage Recording, Current Recording, Vacuuming, Cleaning, Waveform Recording, AC and/or DC Capacitor Replacement and other features which complete the maintenance.

RPE being the top brands of ups batteries maintenance in Nigeria tends to maintain high standards of maintenance to ensure greater performances of your devices. Proper maintenance of electric products tends to increase the lifetime of the devices. Here are a few benefits of having a product maintenance done.

  • Maximized UPS performance
  • Decreased Critical Load exposure to downtime
  • Minimized Unscheduled Emergency Call-outs (Extended MTBF)
  • Increased Return on Investment

The above mentioned are a few benefits of providing proper maintenance and care to inverter batteries as they can save a lot of cost on it. This process can be used to optimize the power consumption and also help our clients cut cost on battery replacements.

RPE aims at bringing clean and green energy to every business across Nigeria. Our products are of high quality and undergo high standards of quality testing before being brought to our clients. RPE is among the largest supplier of power supply solutions, power conditioning solutions, power generation and power backup across Nigeria.

We also have customized solutions for the tapping of renewable energy from the resources. As a part of it, RPELTD has turned completely green recently and we are satisfied with the change.

UPS Batteries Maintenance in Nigeria

Ritar Batteries

Ritar power, the safe and intelligent power. The VRLA Deep Cycle (DC) battery series is specially designed for frequent cyclic discharge. By using strong grids and specially designed active material, the DC series battery offers 30% more cyclic life than the standby series. It is suitable for UPS, solar and wind energy, telecom system, electric power system, electric vehicles, golf cars and many more.

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C-10 rating batteries

Low self discharge ratio

Discharge for frequent discharge cycles

Strong grid and thick plates

DC series offers 30% more cycle life

Configuration flexibility, support parallel connection expansion

Design life of 10+ years at 25o C (77o F )

Narada Batteries

Narada products are highly reliable Lead Acid batteries of the VRLA type, Lithium-ion cells related components and subsystems. These products are widely used in telecom, electric power, railway and other infrastructure industry and are also sought after to store efficiently renewable energy coming from photovoltaic energy and wind farms. 

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UPS Batteries Maintenance in Nigeria


Comply with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards, etc.

Patent terminal sealing, lid sealing and safety valve

High gas recombination efficiency (>99%)

Design life of 15+ years at 25o C (77o F )

Horizontal installation position for less space , easy installation and maintenance

Configuration flexibility, support parallel connection expansion